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About us was founded in 2017 with the vision of connecting top talent in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) space with leading organisations and companies. The website was created by a team of experienced ICT professionals who saw a need for a dedicated job board for the industry.

Since its launch, is aiming to become one of the most visited job boards in the ICT industry. We want to help job seekers find their dream jobs and assist organisations and companies in finding the best talent for their open positions.

In addition to its job board, will offer a range of other services such as resume building and career coaching for job seekers, and recruitment and hiring solutions for companies. The website continuously strives to improve its services and stay at the forefront of the rapidly evolving ICT industry.

All of this requires time and investment, so bear with us while we try to build on top of solid foundations.

The mission of is to empower job seekers in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry by providing them with access to transparent and accurate information about salary and benefits. We believe that job seekers should have access to this information in order to make informed decisions about their career and to negotiate fair compensation.

To achieve this mission, we only publish job listings on our website that are transparent about salary and benefits. This allows job seekers to compare different job opportunities and make informed decisions about which job is the best fit for them. Additionally, we strive to create a community of ICT professionals that can share information and support each other in their job search.

Furthermore, we believe that providing transparency on salary and benefits can also be beneficial for organisations and companies. By providing this information, companies can attract the right talent for the job and avoid wasting time and resources on candidates that may not be a good fit. Additionally, by being transparent about compensation, companies can help to create a more equitable and fair compensation system for all genders.

As a result, we work to build trust between job seekers and employers, and to foster long-term relationships between job seekers and the organisations, or companies, that hire them.