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Consultants in the UN

Remuneration for Consultants, Experts and Other Personnel in UN

UN is an Intergovernmental organization with the purpose to maintain international peace and security which offers a wide range employment opportunities and different contract types. Opportunities for experts rise also in short-term projects projects and UN frequently is looking for consultants or individual contractors.


A consultant is an individual who is a recognized authority or specialist in a specific field, engaged by the United Nations under a temporary contract in an advisory or consultative capacity to the Secretariat.

A consultant must have special skills or knowledge not normally possessed by the regular staff of the Organization and for which there is no continuing need in the Secretariat.

The functions of a consultant are results-oriented and normally involve analysing problems, facilitating seminars or training courses, preparing documents for conferences and meetings or writing reports on the matters within their area of expertise on which their advice or assistance is sought;

Individual Contractor

An individual contractor is an individual engaged by the Organization from time to time under a temporary contract to provide expertise, skills or knowledge for the performance of a specific task or piece of work, which would be short-term by nature, against the payment of an all-inclusive fee.

The work assignment may involve full-time or part-time functions similar to those of staff members, such as the provision of translation, editing, language training, public information, secretarial or clerical and part-time maintenance services or other functions that could be performed by staff.

An individual contractor need not work on United Nations premises.

Fee Range

The fee range associated with a particular level of assignment is based on: (a) the current gross annual salary scales (before application of staff assessment) applicable to staff in the Professional and higher categories; (b) levels of expertise and professional capacity linked to grades in the salary scale; and (c) special circumstances, including hardship involved in the performance of the work assignment.

The following fee ranges are:

Level A. This level is established for the engagement of support services not available in the Organization related to projects or technical tasks of a narrow scope for which limited technical skills or experience are required.

Level B. This level is typically used for projects of moderate complexity with either broad scope or limited depth or restricted scope and considerable depth that have an impact on the performance of systems, processes and team(s) within the Organization. This level is typically used for individuals with a specialized degree or training and several years of relevant experience in one of the substantive, technical and/or administrative fields of the Organization.

Level C. This level shall be authorized to engage an individual with extensive relevant professional experience requiring specialized or technical knowledge and skills. Individuals at this level will be expected to develop new approaches, techniques or policies and/or design guidelines, standard operating procedures and a project’s theme. Individuals would be engaged in projects of broad scope and considerable depth that will have an impact on the overall execution of programmes or service of a function or various interrelated areas. Expected outputs of the consultancy at this level may relate, inter alia, to providing technical support; leading group dynamics; and undertaking report drafting or project-wide proposals.

Level D. This level shall be authorized to engage highly specialized individuals with extensive relevant experience and the highest level of expertise in the corresponding area of work or programme for which they are engaged. The individual’s services, work and recommendations, for example, may form one of several contributions to the accomplishment of a crucial programme or service or functional area of a broad scope, involving high complexity and impact. Some of the expected deliverable outputs would primarily relate to the following: providing functional leadership and expert advice; preparing intricate and complex technical papers to working groups; undertaking the drafting of reports or proposals for projects of a large scale or a broad scope. The individual’s assigned duties may relate to large-scale programmatic and operational activities involving large commitments of staff and funds.

Level E. This level can be authorized only by the Office of Human Resources Management. The level is reserved for essentially very exceptional arrangements related to services and work to be obtained from a well-known, worldwide authority in a highly specialized area. Normally, these types of engagements may result in programmatic and/or operational activities involving either large commitments of staff and funds or an exceptionally complex programmatic scope, which would carry a significant organizational impact on delivery in terms of strategy, operational reengineering and planning analytics, usually of an unusual complexity and/or sensitive nature. This level would be aligned to the Assistant Secretary-General/Under-Secretary-General levels or the equivalent ungraded levels for Chairs and Vice-Chairs or high-level representatives.

The international consultant and individual contractor fee ranges’ daily and monthly rates are set out in detail below. The fee ranges do not apply to local consultants or individual contractors; for those individuals, the salary scales for locally recruited staff continue to be the reference point to determine the level of remuneration.

Remuneration for Consultants and Individual Contractor in UN detailed information are found in the official UN link here

International Consultants and Individual Contractor Fee Ranges: daily and monthly rates effective 1October2013 (In United States dollars)

LevelDaily rateMonthly rate


Consultants or individual contractors may be paid at a daily, weekly or monthly rate, or on a lump-sum basis, which represents the total value of the services to the Organization. The currency of payment shall be specified in the contract. The total remuneration payable to a consultant by the United Nations shall be specified in the contract in terms of gross amounts.

How to apply

Experts with relevant experience who are available for short-term assignments are invited to register in the Consultant Roster through inspira and provide your personal history profile (PHP) so that you are available for consideration when opportunities arise. Please update your PHP regularly because candidates that have not updated their profiles for over three years are less likely to be contacted.

Grades and Salaries in UN

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