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Salaries and Grades in NATO

About NATO

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) brings together Europe and North America in a unique defence and security alliance.

The NATO International Staff (IS) offers challenging and rewarding employment opportunities in various fields, ranging from policy development, facilitation of dialogue and policy programme implementation to the provision of services and support for the smooth, effective operation of the Organization and to managing and allocating resources.

Joining the International Staff means working with colleagues of 30 different nationalities. It is a highly stimulating multicultural environment.

The International Staff is located in the beautiful city of Brussels, Belgium, considered by many to be the capital and the heart of Europe, and very close to other countries and capitals.

NATO Member Countries

An alliance of 30 independent member countries. There were 12 founding members in 11949, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, the United Kingdom and the United States.

If you want to know more about each county please visit the link here.

NATO Body Abbreviation

NATO offers vacancies for international civilian staff positions in the various locations world-wide.

More information about NATO Bodies, list can be found here.

Grades and Salaries

In 2019, the North Atlantic Council approved the implementation of a new remuneration structure for NATO, known as the single salary spine.

The single salary spine is designed to provide a flexible, modernized remuneration structure to all NATO bodies.

Basic salaries and allowances/supplements are not subject to income tax, by virtue of the Ottawa Agreement.

NATO Grade / Salary scales applicable as from 1 January 2022 (in euros)

G24 = 12,340.39
G23 = 11,283.31
G22 = 9,527.37
G21 = 8,711.26
G20 = 8,206.40
G19 = 7,654.25
G18 = 7,282.76
G17 = 7,068.58
G16 = 5,850.94
G15 = 5,735.66
G14 = 5,244.34
G13 = 4,747.63
G12 = 4,608.00
G11 = 4,472.48
G10 = 4,048.88

G9 = 3,929.80
G8 = 3,593.18
G7 = 3,593.18
G6 = 3,351.42
G5 = 3,252.86
G4 = 3,157.19
G3 = 3,034.00
G2 = 3,003.96
G1 = 2,858.16

Staff members are recruited at pay step one of their category and grade, subject to satisfactory performance, higher steps are awarded in subsequent years. Basic Salary applicable at entry level (Step 1) can be found in the official website of NATO in this link.

Annual adjustments are normally applied to all scales to compensate for the changes in salary purchasing power and the cost of living.


In accordance with NATO Civilian Personnel Regulations (NCPRs), are offered various allowances which may be payable. Some of payable allowances are:

  • Expatriation Allowance
  • Basic Family Allowance
  • Dependent Child Supplement
  • Education Allowance
  • Installation Allowance

The payment of NATO allowances is subject to the deduction of allowances/supplements.

Medical and Life Insurance

Staff members pay a premium for combined medical, invalidity and life insurance. This covers:

  • Partial reimbursement of medical costs for staff members, their spouses and recognized dependent children;
  • Full reimbursement of medical costs
  • An invalidity pension
  • A lump sum in the case of death of the staff member.

Additional information

More information about other benefits are offered from NATO can be found here.